'it's getting late and i must be on my way
its five am and the city's sleeping and im not far 
'just stay for one more drink and i will let you go
because nights like this don't happen anymore'
'lets talk about all the feelings that we have
like life love pain and regret'
'the only thing i regret is not speaking my mind
and that its too late to fall back on my word'

way down deep in our heads
we know we cant let this happen
its friday night and the city lights are dancing on my 
so will you drive me home
rain pours on the road coast to coast and you'll be home
unless you call me
if i called and said hello and shared the secrets that i 
would you run or stay with me tonight
'my world holds your weight boy, my world holds your 
you'll be gone in the morning, so call back today'