Quarter to four & the hours keep draggin' tonight
Nothing is wrong but you feel that your life ain't quite right
All the plans you made those years ago
Looking back on that dusty road
and the fading signs all read "oblivion"

Stare at the ceiling, the wheelin' and dealin' begin
You'll give almost anything now for some real peace within
Halfway down our faces frown
knowing more but still unshure
All them missed opportunities
fading hearts and aching bookends

Quarter to four and there's someting odd building inside
Swimming the silence, the river is dark, warm and wide
Floating the chambers the echoes start filling your head
Finally fading until you don't know if you're dead........

Quarter to four and the thoughts keep spinning your mind
Don't dig too deep cause you may not like what you'll find
Caught between what you're expected to and what is really you
Could you have played your cards differently ?