Part 1
Been around for a while, grown my beard, I'm still a 
Deadends, shortcuts, just the same, I'm the master of 
my game
Predictable, now you may say, the Danny Kaye of present 
Close my hand, wave my wand, the brainchild of your 

Now, I'm at the peak, never forget what I tell you
Never give in to the big sleep, fast becoming
Now, I'm at the edge, never reject what I offer
Never believe what they tell you, let's move a 

Watch me fight, now watch me bleed on the universal 
spiral scene
The progress lingers, thoughts of man, take it as far 
as humans can
Now think of me your solid dream, catch me floating 
down the river
I'm an island drifting by and time again your sole 

Now, I am the sun, I am the first day of summer
Never give in to the dark deep, fast becoming
Now, I am the moon, I am the end of tunnel
Never believe in the dark ages, let's move a 

Call me ageless, call me ghost, the diamond duke behind 
the shades
The sunflower beneath the skyline swaying in the land 
of snakes
Hey, I used to be a king, now I'm just a king of 
Put my faith in anything
Anything that's close to wonder
Anything that's close to wonder!!

I'm in the middle, now see what I've done, staring into 
the sun
You think you're drowning, but slowly you slip thru the 
grinders of time
Afternoon in the upstreams, begging for time
Humming the words "I feed you my colorful shrine"

I'm in the middle, hold on to what's mine, in the limbo 
of time
You think you're dreaming, but gradually you learn what 
it's like to be torn
I'm on the other side painting skies to the poor
Humming the words "I'll join you, we'll break down the 

She came from the islands, seen places afar
They said she was gifted, reading the stars
And though I'm certain she's tellin' the truth
She'd faint when the mob start rockin' the boat

In time our eyes will open, the curtains will drop
To see we are one, this one that we are
In time your eyes will open, time will tell
"Larger than life", "revolve among the stars"

She came from a time where time is running slow
Transcending the limits, step up to the flow
She brought to the table the wonders of life
The year of the dragon, she opened our eyes.

In time our heart will open, you'll let her in
To see we are one, this one that we are
In time your eyes will open, time will tell
"Larger than life", "revolve among stars"

Part 2

Getting up in the early morning
Getting all my thins together
I'm leaving today
Gonna make my breakfast tea
Gonna feed the birds and fishes
I'm sailing away
I may be a stray dog, mama, but my mind is as clear as 
I'm as free as a...FISH!!

I will get out in the open, I'll find a place in the 
On mountains undone
I'm up for the wheels of wonder, I'm in for the cosmic 
It's great being alive
I may be a baby elephant, step back or I'll step on 
your toes...
I'll be the atomic juggler, I'll pull up a missile up 
your nose...

Won't take a bite of your cake
Won't play with your baby snakes
I'll find my way out, thanks
Won't swim in your money pool
Won't be the domestic fool
I'm cool with NO rule
I may be the fuzzy dice but I won't burn my fingers 
I may be the 7th wonder, wake up!! Don't put me on