Goodnight, it seems that it won't be the last goodbye
How strange we see the hours fly, the voices slowly fade 
Still walking tall, come walk with me that royal rocky 
Dividing the evil from what's good and soon the judge 
will pass the score

I had the world in my hand, the peace and the power, a 
love divine
I had the land at my feet, but bad is bad when loose ends finally meet
One bad apple can spoil them all

How long will matter have the power over mind
How long before we leave the wars behind
The leaders write our history in blood
What would it take before science serve the matters of 
the heart
Instead of keeping half the world apart...
The other seeing profit as it's god

We had the world in our hands
The sea and the forest, the lonely land
We had the land at our feet
We had it all, but still it seems it's not enough
Enough for the most of us...enough for the most of us