You woke me up, I didn't know I'd fallen back to sleep
'Cause you were alive inside my dreams
You were a freebird in the blue skies ahead
We should walk instead of driving, we we can talk and give our minds up
Watch the city line turn to gold

Take me to Oregon Hill
Take me to The James River
Take me to the ocean floor
Throw me in the water

Can you let me know you're holding on?
Let me know you're holding on
Let me know you're holding on for one more day

End the night entangled in your arms on LSD
Finding the art in everything
Even blue skies pray for thunder and rain
If I could live inside your heart, and somewhere safe next to your garden
Watch the colors burn to gold

You pick me up when I lose self-control
You gave me everything I needed to find the best of myself
The light of the opening door
Fall all around me, it's calm now
You give me a reason to stay, I don't want to live far away
I wish on the morning that's outside after the moments of clarity
Yeah, after the moments with you
I'd spend every morning with you