You are the queen of the floor
And I loved you so much
But I couldn't dance so good
Now you want my ring
Because I'm the king
But can you dance like I thought you could

You better get in love
You know you're looking so fine now
You got to wait for your turn
You, show me, me what you can do

You got to follow me through
When I say move
I want you in the groove
Move, move, move

Do what I had to say, baby
Do what I choose it

You're lookin' good like I know you would
Let's do the locomotion
You're the best
Cause you're passin' the test

If you can twist
Oh baby you can't miss me
You know you win my heart
Every angle of my heart

Come on, come on
Let's do the wabble
Wabble, wabble
Mash potato, mash potato
Mash potato
Hurly curly...