I'm moving back to Miami
And you'll be able to see me
I'm living down by the sea babe
Now you'll be able to see me (any time you like)

And if you walk away
Nothing will change
I think that it's strange

I think that it's easy
It's easy for you
Asleep in the darkness
After what you went through
My curtains are open
Fog confuses the light
Some distant reflection
Some elusive night

Ahh baby
Won't you fly down to me
In the place by the sea
I think Humphrey Bogart stayed there in 1943
He was joined by Janet Leigh, babe

And if you never come
Well that would be strange
I don't think I've changed

I don't think I mentioned
I met someone else
Her compassionate tears
Oh they were like tiny bells
She was better than both of us
I shoulda stayed my hand
I shoulda stayed in Miami
With the seagulls and sand
But the devil is doubt
And I'm out on the street
Walking about
Talking so sweet
Bringing brief reminders
I singing your softest song
I thinking it's all a dream
And I'll wake up and be gone
Be gone!

Oh baby
Whatever I say, it has escaped me
Maybe I'll find the money
Fly you first class on BOAC
If you come down to Miami

You can leave right away
If you are game
I think I'm the same

I think of you cold
I think of you still
I think of you living
Your ziggurat on a hill
The gardens were moving
Like waves on a shore
My head always aching
My eyes always sore
Swim in cool heat
Some weather door slammed
A car started up
Frequencies jammed
Miami, Miami
My fingers and pores
Someone picks up
All in due course