Collect your thoughts, don't hide 
If you can't face yourself, collide 
The blue sheen of sky dazzles your eyes 
And leaves you slumped against the night 

They captured you, chopped off your hand 
Left for dead 
And buried your body in sun-soaked sand 
Fly home 

Is there patience where you think 
Only empty arms to take you in 
Pale luminescent glare 
Surrounds you 'til you can't see it's there 

Uncoiled flag below the wind 
A torn head 
You can't come out 'cause you're so far in 
Fly home 

Ancient in the image cast 
Reminds you the future's like the past 
Time split into equal spheres 
Haunting you, using up your fear 

Something hateful in your head 
Then kick it out 
You're scullin' hard but your wings are dead 
Fly home