Learn to suffer

A vision of broken palms is staring back at me
A surge of life once brought his eyes a sparkle left untithed.
The realization paints this picture piece by piece.
The clocks dreadful tick alerts me of what I may miss.
The feint glow of death brings me duress so now I must say, the key to life is you must learn to suffer

Learn to suffer, you will learn to suffer.

As blood runs down I feel the warmth again.
nerve endings scream to bones that they are not forgotten.
The beams will break and suffocate, yet yearn for sustenance.
A world of white so sleek and bright, has brought peace to our minds.

The advent of despair and miscreation has become our misfortune.
The shards of ice keep clipping the veil that blocks the sun

learn to suffer, you will learn to suffer.