i used to have a home with a room
and a bed a porch and a driveway
with a big garage but i traded it in
i kept some faith laid my head down
every night and it seems so far away..it seems so far away
Remember me now cuz things always change
5 long years are gone
i've done some time 
and even when i fall i know i'll never be the same
I learned some things
about the place's i saw
i learned some things about myself
i guess it came the hard way
now i know what counts
i've got one prayer
it's in your confidence
i know all the places i don't want to be
everyone's gone theres no one but me
Remember me next time i go away
for the first time in my life i wanna stay
i could count one hand here today
the only things that matter to me anyway
and it seems so far away