This town's a sea of stories you'll never understand
The world's a tiny circus in the palm of his hand
Friend you would have loved it when they ran out of red
Cyclone Willy finally raised the dead

Fat moon cloaked in a shark skin suit
Kelly fired some blanks at the deputy's boot
Couldn't get close enough to flick the big switch
Her kerosene blue eyes never even twitched

There's a new heart aching on the factory line
That diamond on her finger is refusing to shine
Crazy spent lovers and a vampire kiss
Hell it doesn't come much better than this

Grim faced Eddy still working the room
They call it the equator, it's as cold as a tomb
Brace yourself tiger you might want to sit down
Your raven haired beauty ran off with some clown

Swore she'll get some use out of that bridal gown
Life's sad parade

This room's a sea of stories you'll never understand
The globe's a tiny surface in the palm of his hand
Man you should have been there the crew hit the wall
Rockethead and Shakie slowed down to a crawl

There's another heart breaking on the cannery row
The carbon on her finger never threatened to glow
She blew her last buck on a voodoo hex
Then someone snatched that doll and personal effects

You know a smile costs you nothing in this sick pantomime
You recollect that Dutch was on deck at the time
Howlin' at the captain I was dying of thirst
I tried to reach Jesus but the ship is cursed
And when the crate is sinking, I'm diving in first
Life's sad parade