I see,
No chance
Relying on myself
I take away 
They drain my life
I purge the pot they breed in
First I must take pride and not ponder
A day to stay
Don't underestimate
I take away
The task that you failed
I ache but I, I fought them till it didn't matter
For they must change now or before I burst,
Those around me 
Are incomprehensible
Is harder to bear 
With my backache
I take great pride
(I'm) before my time
No demise
I can see you're watching me 
But could you even understand my pain
Watching, what is it in your brain that never gets it?
One day I'll disappear to the answer locked in my
Head that you'll never see of feel, 
A consumer

The more the body is pierced, tortured, wounded, humiliated 
the more complete his mans victory over pain,
the greater man victory over pain , 
the greater his victory over the flesh.

I see that they 
That people are a plague
No sympathy
No liability
They drain my life
We'll see the life they're living 
Once I stop all I'm doing for them.