romeo' said juliette
could you take me away from this?'
juliette' said romeo
i wish i could but i don't think so.
I've tried to run other times before
But this world always seemed too small.
And oh my my
They'll steal it all from you
But let me help you to sing...'
So juliette grabbed romeo
Ran to the car said c'mon let's go
Let's not let them tell us what to do no more'
Up in the glovebox a 45
Ain't no plan but to stay alive
In a moment rolled up on that liquor store
And she's singing
After all this time
I'm still yours and your still mine.
After all this time
Propped at a bar down in mexico
Love in the sunshine
No ghosts no phone
Juliette says i love you romeo'
She takes his hand puts it on her side
Says try and guess what there is inside?
I know we planned to wait but well surprise..'
Oh no sing
After all this time
I'm still yours and you're still mine
After all this time...
We just keep on running