Darling for you 
I think of what I'd so 
To keep you safe and sound 
I would climb the highest mountain 
I would swim the widest sea 
I would wrestle a gorilla to the ground 
I would fend off a dozen charging rhinos 
I would catch a storm of killer bees 
I would fight a firey dragon with a wooden sword 
If I didn't know what this could do to me 

'Cause it's too dangerous (too dangerous) 
I'd really like to do it 
But I might get hurt 
It's dangerous (too dangerous) 
I don't feel like bleeding 
On my brand new shirt 
You might say I'm cowardly 
Or say I'll full of fright 
You might call me yellow 
And baby you'd be right! 

So I'd skip across volcanoes full of lava 
I'd even grab a tiger by the tail 
I would make fun of 
A boxing champion's mother 
But my courage and my bowels both would fail 
I would fight off a bunch 
Of angry Kosacks 
I would stop a thousand 
Bullets with my hand 
I would laugh 
As my leg was amputated.. 
But baby, I'm not that kind of man! 

'Cause it's too dangerous (too dangerous) 
I use big words 
But I never do the deed 
It's dangerous (too dangerous) 
I faint like a baby 
If I see somebody bleed 
I haven't got a backbone 
I'm as timid as a mouse 
I would find a cure for this 
But I can't leave the house! 

Cause it's dangerous 
Too dangerous 
Too dangerous 

For me! 
For me! 
For me.