The squirrels gathered nuts, the sun shone on the leaves
The fragrance of the flowers sweetened the gentle breeze
The birdies were all singing but they're not anymore
'Cause I dug the whole thing up and built a big box store

Big box store, it's my big box store
Shopping here makes it clear what life's worth living for
Big box store, it's my big box store
It's big, it's a box, it's my big box store

It's as if a football field made love to a mall
And the baby that they had is my sweet suburban sprawl
Whose parking lot is bigger than the downtown it destroyed
Come on and enjoy shopping on steroids

Its rectangulated beauty is sure hard to ignore

It's got toys from China
And TV's from China
And knick-knacks from China
And lamps from China
And clothes from China
And china from China
And employees from Mexico

So bring your big box wife and your growing big box kids
And get some big box stuff to shove into your big box fridge
If living large is what you want and we've got what you need
So buy a dozen sofas or a ten pound bag of cheese

At my

You'll come out with lots of stuff you didn't come in for

How can you ever have enough when there is so much more!