Sha sha
Sha sha
Yay yay
Yay yay

Sha sha here comes my thrill
Oh the ya-sha please keep still
Don't talk too much & kill my chances with this guy
Sha sha now go & play
This is your sisters day
Don't give my age away & make him say goodbye
Oh ya-sha don't tell him I'm old
He thinks pop has lots of gold
Told him that momma's got a chauffeur & a car
Sha sha now you'll get hung
If you don't hold your tongue
Till wedding bells have rung
Ya-sha sha sha

My next door neighbors daughter
Is really in hot water
Because she has a brother whose a brat
When someone comes to court her
& gives the kid a quarter
He spills what he should keep under his hat
She cries & tries to put him wise to what it's all about
And every night the neighbors hear her shout, oh hear her shout
Sha Sha
Oh voice keep still
Sha sha
Here comes my thrill don't talk too much
Won't you please be still
Oh we will be still
Oh sha sha ya-sha
Won't you let me pull my bluff
Cause I told him that my mami had gold in her piani & her pot
Oh sha sha sha

Oh ya-sha please be kind
He's the last in line
What a glorious feeling
Oh ya-sha help make up his mind