What's passed these hands? 
All these drugs and one night stands 
So I tremble when I think of what she'd do 
She'd say something like: "You're no good, 
You're like the junkies in this neighbourhood" 
We all need a fix, I guess I need one too 
But I'm trying madly to calm these nerves
With something new 

I got this heavy debt, I've got nothing left 
But this daunting weight slung round my neck 
You got the callous mouth, all your endless doubts 
We spent this fifteen weeks, trying to work it out 
Do think we're getting to something new? 

Oh God, not another fight 
I'm always trying to get the details right 
I remember when you told me you felt saved 
When you promised you'd lay flowers on my grave 
Just like they used to do Is it something new? 

And now here I stand 
With these blood soaked hands 
On this sleepless night, that never ends 
And these songs I sing 
With these hopes that I cling to 
Desperately wondering 
Are we finally getting to something new? 

Is it something new? 
Are we finally to something new?