Now, I'll tell you a story, 'bout a girl who would deserve
to live in a fairytale and about a boy notorious for being unable to love
All he knows is blood, reason and bizarre feelings

You never cared about protests and doubts.
As if you could, you're such a beautiful soul,
the flower of hope, a female principle, 
I'm rather an evil error, 
a disturbance ready to lose you for a good cause.

Now, like every morning. 
You would love to talk to me, I know, I know.
As you walk into the sunset, as you watch the sunrise, 
you're still the same great human being...
What about me? And my war?

All politicians are lying (she's gone)
For you I wrote this fucked up song. 

So they both struggle in parallel universes
and the recurrent inquiry is 
who is being exhausted more.