Moonlight is falling on the rainy street
The night is cold and dark
Something is in the air
Between some trees at the edge
Of a crystal lake
There lies a body in the grass
Staring in the sky
It's a little girl
With long, long red hair
Such a beautiful body
Such a lovely face
Her eyes are green, her lips are red
Her skin is white
She is naked
Naked, with nothing but her skin

Why did you die?
Why did she die?
In this lovely night?
It's a wonderful picture
It's full of harmony
But something is wrong
Something strange has happened to her
Her chest is opened
Her heart lies in the grassHer head is crushed
Her bones are broken
A big cut in her throat
Someone has pulled out her guts
They are lying on the ground of the lake
One foot and one hand are cut off
Red blood on her body
She's a victim of terror
A victim of a bloody rape
She lost her innocence
In the moment she founds her death

Wonderful picture
Blood on my body
I've lost my innocence
At the crystal lake

Why did i die?
Why did I die?
In this lovely night?