I do it like sho' nuff, baby what's up
Ya comin with me, then park ya ass in the truck
Thug, off in the wind now call ya friends
Cuz I got some homeboys that love to spit
But it ain't trick-ed, don't get it twisted
The just stank-hoes they can do the click quick
Yeah that's all, you know it cost to ball
And them Long Beach seein it all, now watch it dawg
ATM was the spot, and it was hella hot
And it will never stop, watchin me in the drop
Roll by in stones, they blowin my high
But I gotta do this, cuz mom and pops supply
When I'm finished with this, go back to the Swiss
Get a glass and sip, sit back and twist
Then I rest for a minute cuz it's hard on a body
J.D. Chi Chi have a blow out party, aye

You steady be runnin ya mouth
Tellin my folks I be burnin you out
Tellin yo friends you ain't gettin wit me
When you know you be dealin wit me

Baby ask me like uh, "is those wooden frames?"
Askin me like uh, "is those the cuts in ya ring?"
If you don't chill baby you can't hang
You need to sit yo'self back and try to soak some game
While you runnin yo mouth, I been feelin you out
And I'm figurin out, that you silly without
no porn in ya view, you loose yo moves
My man got a song that you can dance to
Time is on my side
No time on the clock, pour wine out ya spot
Bust rhymes while you watch, with a line on the lot
Cain't stop, won't stop, my hits
Too rich, and I gotta be slick
Cuz I watch alla y'all operatin like doctors
Really on the cool, y'all should get the Oscars

Now I love it when a girl come and take straight charge (yeah)
Get to the telly and touch all pause
Pretty redbone with some baby aww
Let's try to recall, this chick reach all
At the same time she was kinda sexy and timid
I'ma say she was "Bout It" cuz she had +No Limits+
Wanna hang out, let the mayne out, wanna bang out
and classy with the plastic, latex thang out (whaaa!)
Real fun, Hil-ton, here's one
Do it with the ice until it's nice and numb
It's a party party, while I'm drinkin on rum
So move ya body body, and go on flip ya tongue
She got lungs, eat me all up like lunch
Conceited when she walk through the front
Betta points, she came to do what she came to do
Poor attitude, but I'm havin you

[Hook x4: Jermaine]