Pull your g-string to the side baby let me take a glance
The way you shake it baby girl you know your eyes put me in a trance
I'm giving you a second chance
To get the money in your hands
Baby for a table dance

I say baby how you doing
Acting like you new in
Town I done seen you around what you pursuin
All in love where you being
Ain't been really seeing
Your ass in the club
Say what just working weekends
I know you making endz
Got yourself a benz nah that's that lexus
Protected with bubble lens
The party's where the doe at
Go on and get the Moet
That's how it be being low key in V.I.P
Luckily I feel your breeze
Strawberries and whip cream
Your body is top of me
What time you leave bout a quarter three
Go get your girls I get my guys
We have an orgy
You feeling me that's kinda nice
Hurry up don't you see my niggas ready to leave
They been smoking since this eve and they full of remy
Hey baby I wanna hit that thang
Get that thang
Split that dime
While you lying on your side
You in front I'm behind
Bullshit jog money talks
I could get with any broad but I want your panties off
Why you having any thoughts

Same bitch that I knew back in 86
College bitch college dick just for kicks
Did some flicks with some chicks
Hold up hon you ain't slick
Why you gotta go and split
Tela's in the club won't you show a little love shit
Do some special shit you know like you never have
Cause I'm a special playboy rap a lottin with Brad
I'll make you laugh if you give me ass inside of a cab
Better yet the limo while my niggas are there
What you telling me
You want to have sex with me
You and ebony and melody because I am celebrity
I love it when ya'll all come and lick on my balls
Take me to the dressing room and ain't got on no draws
Take it out pussy blau
Damn girl wow!
I don't know really know if I can handle this without
A crowd of compliments
Bring some juice and supplements
Cause we be doing other shit
Yeah you know that other shit
When i'm in it I'll be in it
When I hit it try to dent it
Not a minute
Where you going
We're not finished made her sing it

ohh yeah [fades]