Jack woke up
At his desk
His feet up high
Remembering that it’s Tuesday

Whoa oh oh
He’s off to fight the war
Whoa oh no
And it makes daddy proud

His mother cries
As she packs the bags
Jackie takes the pictures
And wraps them in
His t-shirt

Whoa oh oh
Alive for one last look
Of use his eyes

Jackie’s eyes
See the man
Clear enough
To understand
Why he’s leavin’

With her here
He feels a guide
Gertrude asks will you forget
Will you forget me?

Betty cries, too
Jimmy won’t speak
Cursing his eyes
For a fucking week
He’s a true friend

To you
Whoa oh oh
The day is done, the sun is down
The moonlight

My mother, Sue
Grabs me tight
Father cried
And daddy never cries
Now that I’m leavin’

Gertrude looks,
Tiny eyes,
Says the way I see you now
Just like the day when I met you
Just like the day when I met you

He’s a friend
He’s a son
In our prayers
He lights a run
Until he was shot down
Until he was shot down
The day that I met you

Flowers rest
Next to Jackie’s name
Carved in stone
His brother’s also blooming