I gets, mo' trips than a little bit
I smoked, mo' dips than a little bit
I'm not that regular, when stepping I can't wait 'till I can fly
Away from my competitor, yeah, Santana can die
My psychosis hopeless, focus, notice
My metamorphosis, folks is broke and jokeless
Picture me in a syringe inserted in an overexerted felon
Antidote having 'em runnin' eternally across the helland
Dwamn, losin' my sanity livin' up in Les Miserables
Fuck bitter broads, this shit is gonna have us stacking if there is a God
I'mma take the X away from generation, place it at the end of S.E
For the duration
Upon the level
Tell the devil to what
Skip a human
I'mma tell him, "Behold pale horses like us"
Shame on a nigga when he feelin'
Hella down for a ninety-nine killin'
Ain't giving a
Fuck I'm putting Nair
In your leave in hair conditioner
Now you Hari Krishna
To my listeners: In this rhyme you will find
Psychotic scriptures saying it's somethin' disrupting my mind

Tech N9ne your mind is fine
There's just not anyone like you
The whole wide world don't matter no
They can't flow like you
I must make you understand

My thoughts are twisted (So twisted)
My thoughts are twisted (So twisted)
My thoughts are twisted (So twisted)
But I get mixed up (So twisted)

A, I'm lifted, B, I'm twisted
C, I'm sick and sadistic, A, B and C
Something's I do I just can't stand
Up in my bathroom I sex six women
Mentally, just me and me
Me and my faithful right hand man
Tie up a Muslim
And shoot him with liquid pork
On Ramadan
With force
I'll make a Christian
Read their kids
The necronomicon
On Christmas
Don't trip on this lyrical syphilis
I flip this
So the yonks will catch vapors
Like menthalyptus
I'll feed a dominatrix patient
Pain pills
Give Wu haters permanent
Fang grills
Trick the artist formerly known and give him the same slave deal
I'll lift a couple of
Dr. Dre's reels
Sell em' to Snoop
And No Limit Soldiers
Just so I can see
How paid feels
Hazy Shade
Of decayed
Hookers with grave shields
Where AIDS fills
The carcass
Bet a milli on it Tecca N9na be the darkest
Heartless, I spark from the gut
So what the fuck?
I'm trying to contain the insane, but what?

Welcome to my Asylum, it's hectic, they call me dyslexic
Rogue infested
More vicious than Cujo
Fraudulent tested
The punks arrested
Got the neck slit
I'm twisted
I know Hollywood backwards says "doowylloh"
Force feed me a
For about nine weeks
Playing Club
Till he's blue
Then stuff him in the front seat of a
Body filled with beef and toaster
Let up the break
And watch him race
To the intersection
Now he's through
I slide with a gang
Of twisted individuals
Somebody better be
Looking for the criminal tendencies
Never will they get us in the penitentiaries, killa
Millimeter N9ne rips vinyl, I know
Mix flow like Korean Albino, Wino
Once breeded an elephant
With a rhino
Called it the hell if I know
Throw Chuck Manson
Off in a pit
Of militant Jews
Banging hella opera
The real meaning of helter skelter is when they skin that forehead swastika
Am I twisted? Am I twisted?
I'm twisted, better keep your distance
Mama gotta call the psychiatrics for mental assistance