Welcome back to the final round of the first annual Strange Music Spelling Bee, our last two contestants are Tech N9ne and Makzilla. Tech!

What nigga?

I've never had anybody calling me a nigga before. But you will go first, your word is "What It Iz?"

Okay, is that Ebonics or traditional White Anglo-Saxon?

That would be used in the Ebonic manner, you have 10 seconds

What It Iz — W-H-A-T-I-T-I-Z

That is correct



Hey Mom!

Your word is "Areola"

OH, oh man! Could you use that in a sentence please Rob?

The area around the nipple is called the areola

Oh, okay around the nipple, titties, yeah I know titties
Rob, could you use that in another sentence please?

The 816 boyz won a Grammy Award for their hit single "Areola", you have 10 seconds

Okay A..A..A..

Sorry, your time is up