Dumb it down, no gun it sound
If I took that advice, it wouldn't be nice, I'd be plummet bound
So I'm bout the clown, like Kinko, distinct flow
That'll, shrink yo re-mains of yo pee-brains, people if you think slow (Hit the staccato flow)
Listen and follow me, this how it ought to be
Audibly, quality, call it the K.O.D it be modesty, but if Sickology's
Hot as me, spit no apology (Keep going)
Flipping business it is not a free policy
If I spit it then it gotta be dollars, we
Up and get it I be fucking livid if you keep Donnie's economy (Double time)
Not too many wanted me to spit it with the syllables
A nigga that be critical, the pinnacle and givin' that original
A killa with the trigga flow and really wanna get the billion in it low
(Play the bongo)
If you don't wanna speed it up, I'm gonna eat it up
Everybody see I'm formidable
I'm coming to heat it up, I gotta beat it up
When I get the booty, she comin' to get it from a real negro
Beyond bomb, the women need pom-poms
When I get to rippin' they want to get little Don Don
To give up the John John before we get to sippin' the Chandon
Feel a nigga run run for real
Back to the nigga with the fast flow, havin' the cash though
Cause if anybody, got it, I'm on the mash fo
And I bet I'm gonna beat 'em cause it's they ass slow, yep

But they never get it 'til you spit it slow
KC niggas did this flow in '94
But they say they understand me when I chop my lyrics though
NIgga this ain't chopping, I'm a show you how we chop it, go!
(Ready, go!)

All I wanna do is get the bitches thinking I can really do the cunnilingus and I'm gonna bring it
I can do whatever they want I'm really good with the tongue
I tell 'em (that's slow to me, yea)
So when I do the flipping don't be looking at me stupid
I'ma kill it, I'ma nuke it
I'ma step up the poppin', I got the rap and the cap it up
I'ma say (that's a motherfucking flow to me)
(Come on)

Time's up! (times up)
When the clock is ticking GODS is spitting, flow
Do you got to listen? No, no
With your hinds up (hinds up)
Do I got to kick it? Well no
But you mind'll visit, knee to elbow
Cause your rhyme design us to find this, just live with it
(How you know?)
We was chopping like this when we first got it popping and people was dissing it (and people was dissing it)
Now you got the masses formed full from our passion, your asses they kissing it
(They kissing yo ass)
It ain't in vogue, to indulge, you let yo pen spill the info (yup)
And I've been told that I've been cold since they invented Nintendo
Well I hit it, to make them sit down
Bitches that wanna get down
Give me a little mid-dle
Gotta be quicker than that, siLcker than that
And she like the way you lick her, put your dick on the map
I'm with the nigga with the chin, like a billy goat
Telling me syllables, edible, I got eat 'em like a vegetable
And be the next, yes, best to blow
Hopefully next for the checks to flow
X's and O's to the bozos, from ghettos
That get O's, and get (?overrun on dancing kiddos?)
Bless their souls, I done spit and written middlemen
Trying to get vittles from they demos and they Benalyn
If you get it you got it right, interview write it right
Maybe you'll take a flight
Overseas, it seems so exquisite
Hoes, they love it when the tongue roll

What you can't understand me?
Goddamn, I can spit this too bad
I guess I gotta give them a news flash
Dude, you dupe ass rap duelers are douchebags
Cause every rapper that's on the radio sound the same
And it's troublin' me, I be like who's that?
Then they came to abuse trap music and you wack!
Like they on the same level as me and can't see the huge gap
Between us, I'm too fast
My lyrics just flew past
I'm a thousand kilometers up ahead of the others
Shit that I'm writing so over your head that it hovers
And this is for anybody that ever said fuck us
Let me slow it up a little bit and maybe they'll love it
These rappers these days be like
If I could rap like this I might get radio play! (get radio play!)
But just cause you sound like you cracking with autotune that shit don't make it okay! (okay!)
Fuck that!
Stealing creativity, don't give it a go
Trying to kill a Busta Bust, then I'll gimme some more
Tongue flick fast like Raven-Symoné
Make her lick on the lady pussy, making her moan, maybe I'm wrong
To me your bars ain't hard and your song too slow
You will never get to have this charm logo
Goddamn, we a three man band
Tech gave em' the bongos, I give em' a guitar solo like
You... tryin' to pretend that I ain't
Better than 98 percent of these MC's but any minute I annihilate
And my heart beat so....
Many will sleep when I wait, fuck a magazine
The shit that you write, your internet site
Cause all the shit you regularly post up, I hate
Cause your shit sound slow to me! Yeah!

Hahahaha, Strange Music baby!
Truly elite shit! Hahahaha!
I mean...if you can't, keep up
I don't know what to tell you, it's slow to me
Hahaha, and if it's too fast for you
Chop and screw that shit, or something