Chest out, ten toes down
Left routes been shown now
Tech shouts, them foes frown
Next bout, you stretched out, we test clout when in yo' town
Ex'd out, full of debt doubt cause the best house we hold ground!
Better run now, don't come around my way
Gonna be dumbfound when the gun sounds cause sun down is my day
Meaning I don't sleep, but yo food yes I'm gon' eat, alone peep
Anybody tryna get the grown seat better gone, it's gonna be a long week!
(Rah, rah, rah!) That's what they talkin' a lot of em bumpin' they chops
But they can never compare to the winner, they simply be giving me something to knock
I slay wack, just play back my hits
So you better stay back on this great track cause I made that my bitch!
You wantin' this, I'm on a mission too
So you ain't gonna get what you wanna get, this one I'm kickin' through
Hit they mama, quit the trauma, hid dishonor gets to shoot
If you want a bitch, a ton of shit cause I'ma hit your crew
Bout to knock you out yo' skin, go in body, then I'ma go chin
Place yo' bet, you gonna hate the Tech
Cause I'ma break yo' neck, we ain't no kin
Dreams and hopes will be broken when that flow spin
I'ma fo' sho' sin, level headed when the rebel get it
Heavy metal fetish when I go in!


War paint on my mean mug
Accolades, I got dumb clout
Back to back I run mad laps
When the sun's down or the sun's out
Sara Jay on my side arm
Y'all ain't tryna see me with guns out
With mo anger, that's no-brainer
So y'all niggas better run routes!

I heard something 'bout
Anybody can get it, I'm with it
I'm coming for Sun's crown
When I hit him he done after one count
Yeah I'm living, I love it, my lungs loud
When I come from the scrummage
The scrimmage, I did it, I done it like what now
We could put up some butter and do it no stutter
But put up or shut up your bum mouth!
Now it's your move, took a chump out, I'm so old school
Yeah, say hi to my little friend
Kill 'em with the pen, make the dynamite go boom!
Talk about big balling, and it may seem like I'm stalling
When I'm staring outta that wall and
Bombing like Babe Ruth when I call it
Yes y'all it, and my bet's all in, heck nah, never let y'all win
In the game, everything a test to check
To see who can really hang like a net, all in
Come and train with the Ces, yeah
It's no thing little bunny, I can bang with the best in the biz
You better be saving all of your breath for the gym
Gotta run until there ain't nothin' left in the lid bruh, let's get it in
You heard me, chewed 'em up, I'm done early
Suited up in my jersey, feelin' like who or what can come serve me
Y'all too corrupt to come prove to us your kung-fu
You suck, you're unworthy, dirty like Harry makin' my day
Tell 'em I come to slay when I play, break!


K-I-M, and I kill shit
You could say that I slay turds
DIB and I K-I-S, y'all L-A-F and those eight words
On my D-O-B I was D-O-A, but I came up out of that coma homie
ODB, I take no T-O, I'm like Oscar Meyer with no bologna
Killer and I'm dealin' 'em, I'm wavy
Sinner in the center of a stadium, ya numb
And now I go gorilla for real, uh, fuck I'm off the wall for real, uh
And I'm an inaudible offense as often as needed
Y'all slower than molasses, run screen passes, Weeden
Ya get hit with a blitz, boy
Just for thinkin' that they couldn't catch this
And when I run a muck, I'm puttin' numbers up
Go and take you a look at my stats bitch
My contract's got no cap, and the money is under the mattress
I stay high like A.I, what the fuck are we talkin' bout, practice?