(Enter the mind of Tech N9ne)
Laurie Strode, I got a gory soul, so the story goes
Should of never killed another one to get a bit of lovin' in me
Or reload, reload everybody lookin' at me like a hero
When I kill a demon lesser than zero
See no, evil within it, I'm a killer and I'm bigger than Deebo
He knows, we go, beginning
Deep inside of me I'm dealin' with a trio
Leave hoes, below, you finished?
Abomination comin' I got that combination cracks
All that time you wastin' runnin' I got that bomb relation rap
Now they're tryin' to make it back to Tech N9ne and shakin' whack
Now I'm dominatin', mom awakin' from a non forsaken nap
Hello mother, when you left I was no mellow brother
I put on my red, killed 'em all dead and I did it with my fellow thuggers
I tell no others, but I'm taking my hell so hovers
When I gotta murder everything dead - I smother
Like Othello's lover
You cannot tell me to stop it with doctor Loomis
Nothing would ever delay when I got your doom, it's
The Boogeyman I got to get your for real and
Nobody is saving me, not with appeal I'm a murderin' son of a bitch
And I'm ill with impeccable skill and a purpose to kill

My mental's made of Michael Myers' mask
(You) Lay lifeless, Lord don't like yo liars laugh
(Who) Wanna see this sinful psycho sire spaz?
(Please don't) Light yo lighters last
(Cause this) Frightful fire's fast (uh-huh)

Not too many motherfuckers out there I wish I hadn't killed
Draggin' lil' rappers up Debra's Hill like Jack and Jill
Slashin' till the back cracks attackin' with stabbin' still
Havin' chills when it happens after stashin' 'em in Haddonfield
I got a demon in me, green within me, seen the memory
How I get souls
Bring in Philly, things to get me
Never dead that is why I got up out of Smith's Grove
I'll eradicate a nigga with the feeling
That he better then a spittah with a bigger trigger
Step up and try to get at me and be disposed
I don't know why the great Malek Akkad
Not fuckin' with me, wanted to use the theme for P.B.3
They told me fuckin' fifty, Yea it's worth yea we gotta
But not when Carpenter charged me five for the first Psycho Bitch So I had to switch when I just wanted to keep it alive!
Guess he didn't know I spill them bastards
Who say another killer's better I kill them slashers
I peel them actors, I'm real grim faster
Original mask motherfucker William Shatner

This killer Jam Knocks
I'm here to kill everbody lyrically, specifically till her pants drop
I'm iller than Shaq, thriller fans watch me
Murder many men in Michael Myers mask not a Silver Shamrock
Celebrate Samhain all year round
Never let a fake man reign!
I'mma bake damn brains with a weird sound
Givin hella aches and pain
Eminem is Jason, Krayzie Bone is leatherface and Bushwick Chuckie
But anything after double M were just replicas of me
Who got you? Niggas need a new doctor
Stop the bleeding, who shot you?
It was really a true chopper
Mike is who offed you, mainly because you caca
Step and see who do block you
Rest in peace to Moustapha

Mr. Sandman, nobody wants to see you
My Tony Moran stand