Aw shit, Aw fuck
Me, Kali and Ces we go to get bucks
On the path but didn't think we'd get stuck
By some crass lads that's 'bout to get tough
And they play not, temperatures stay hot
And don't nobody be relaxin' when on they block
Like it a yay spot, never let that pay stop
Unless you wanna be trippin' with Kutty and Jay Rock

Bad Flames, Feature Presentation, Raw and UnKutt
All of 'em undeniable classics like who they come from
Most talked about on the internet
Nigga I been a vet
Eleven years strong, still holdin' on
And I ain't finished yet
Red headed-est step child
It's a plague spread to accept how it is
Wanna see me fall get me out the loot
When all I've done is respect how it is
Now I gotta turn into a nigga you once knew
No mo' papers off
Probation I'm a cold case
He gon' sho hate it
When I throw a bomb like Troy Aikman
To do damage you walk in a bunch huh?
When you niggas are really the punks huh?
In the hearts of men, I'm seeing cowards
Where you niggas is at when the funk come?
Smoke a blunt to that
When the funk ensues you resort to rap
Said you was all in, 2 on the 10 you must distort the facts
So I pledge allegiance to only me I only breathe
Eat to shit, the chrome's in me [probably wrong]
The only misconstrued message in the song you see
Is it's not arrogance, this is what it's grown to be

See you can tell be the way that I use my wealth I'm cocky
This the man right chyea as to ya'll out south I'm cocky
And if you ain't figured out what we talkin' about
I'm the one they all talkin' about
And if they hatin' me that only mean my name in they mouth I'm cocky