Aight, aight Tech, I gotta ask you, I gotta ask you this. What's up with all the devil worshiping?

Man, people who say that, I think they're idiots because I'm on the cover of Anghellic as an angel with "Liberate Me" on my arms, pleading for help as an angel man, not a demon! And who the fuck is Satan and why is he worthy of my praise? Never have I said "hail Satan" in any of my music, dawg! Maybe if I did, wouldn't of went bankrupt on us and we'd be talking Anghellic instead of Absolute Power.

Aight, speaking of Absolute Power, what can folks expect from your new album?

Absolute Power man, it was a.. was a result of uh.. Anghellic, doing hella shows, kicking it with chicks, falling out with friends over money and shit, kicking it with chicks, so, you know what I'm saying? You're gonna hear a lot of bitterness for the industry, causing a lot of "fuck you" music, we kicking it with bitches, and if you don't like us, fuck it, we fighting.

Yo, kid, I see you breaking out into a sweat as you talk about this, what's up dawg?

Nigga, I'm high, I'm high. I'm high, rolling like a motherfucker, hahaha!