i'm Prevail Wonder from the Neural Bombing Agency

We control the watch tower now,

Power of assembly in crowds, hypnosis

The only closest pattern to our process 

Our signature of razor blades and vinegar

Walkin' in the path of the workin' class is a f**kin' blast

And in our union, no reunion without hard hats

This is the work place of jackhammers, sledgehammers, and mallots

Packin' a mic in our arean, leads to many maggots

Too many heavy magnets pullin' you closer in

The territory of the desert of the cobra pen

I gotta give a shout-out to my brother Orco "the psychotic" alien

Who stamped our preformance, who speaks like reverent poets

Opposin' the possibility of lots of endurance

Isn't it my precious beheaded Elizabeth

A vision of the greatest thing you've seen since your Christening

I'm listening to children, speak of the matrix

Battling the bubonic spread of the primal hatred

Mad Child:

Mad child, rock steady representative

A combination of creative energy and tentative

Precentages, take advantages, manage to increase

Cause damage then vanish into thin air, Rest In Peace

Not to be tested, possesed, invest in me

I'll fight with my last breathe til there's nothing left in me

I'll smash on all sorts with these extreme sports

Prophets of doom consumed with what I dream for

Subtle as a chainsaw, blood shed and rain fall

Welcome to the side of my brain that entertain's y'all

Feel my wrath, you couldn't recover from the other half

Behind the shower curtain stabbin' bitches in a bubble bath

(Ahhh) I'll make you an offer you can't refuse

Then leave a horses head in your bed, I'm bad news

Don't question my authority 'cause It's a mistake

There's madness in a whisper like the hiss of a snake

You got the first album "Balance" (Thank you)this might take you back

Zodak's tracks attack on Battleaxe