Arabian nights, abrasions and spikes, slaves to the mic

In the tomb of no daylight, we consume when it sounds right

Explode through pipe and pressure, pay the piper

Play the record, stay undetected, paint the leopard

If it ain't worth the effort-quit

We've been in effect, thrown back in the pit, scarred and nicked

Stereo stardom, the kingdom of nuclear bombin'

The return of burgundy autumn is here in Eve's garden

Mirages, novices over my shoulder like harvest

Wild jaw crushes the shell of the scarab

The sacred marriage of the tribes of Hared, lies for carob

When we arrive on dark horse and carriage

You ride with the pride and the knowledge of Era

Mummification through alliteration an' bomb the calm

Arm and leg, I drag a common man through the sand while he begs for rain

You see, the things that have been poppin' in my brain, are made for stoppin trains

Oxygen boxed up in hexagonal frames

Hard to breathe? It ain't all that hard to believe, it's part of my breed

Jackals an' hounds, maximum rounds

Trackin' 'em down is fun, my name is Prev Won,

Disaster fund, mudslide the blind and dumb

A dime a dozen look alikes with frozen tongues

The chosen ones who came to tame the poison sons

They say good things come to those who wait

But didn't tell us how long it's gonna take

But who are they, anyway?

Some can't relate, we gonna say what we wanna say

An' we gonna say what we wanna say

Some can't relate, we gonna say what we wanna say