The lifetime that we spend
can’t keep us content
Somewhere in our hearts
there’s a missing part
It’s no mystery
Love is the key

Still trippin over dreams
All that could have been
Spendin’ much too long
Wonderin’ what went wrong
Who’ll be first to leave,
you or me?

Something everyday
Tells me I need you more
Something everyday
Says I found what I’m searchin’ for
Something everyday
Says I’m here to stay
Something everyday
Says it’s not over yet
Something everyday
Won’t let my heart forgets
Something everyday
Says I’m here to stay

We may have our regrets
How time will soon forgets
With every twist and turn
We still live and learn
Anyone can change
No one’s to blame

Secrets that we keep
Maybe hidden deep
Can’t change what’s been undone
The best is yet to come
There’s no need to ask
We’ll made to last

Repeat Chorus