Thinkin' when these thoughts do hurt
Gotta let'em out gotta let'em burn
Like a flame that would take me away
From the weakness and betray
Say what I say is done
I'm standing tall proud like a man should be
Yes, the fuck that's right
I kick this shit every day and night

Weakness, weakness, sickness of the brain
Made me give it up but here i'm back again
Strong no compromise
Radical statements survived

In the state of war
I was born in the state of war - mental
In the state of war
With my back
Back, back, back, against the wall
Back, back off

Creepin', crawlin'
Just like a dwarf
I'm leaving old dump
Man I had enough
Mind under no control
My mind under no control
I've cut down all the strings
Burnt the bridges down
Exorcised the demons
That lied deep inside of me
Yes, you finally see me
And I 'm fightin' to be free
Back against the wall
Standin' tall

Back against the wall
I'm free against the wall
Angry - against the wall
No way back I'm against the wall
My friends are against the wall
My freedom is against the wall
My enemies are against the wall
You my friend you're against the war
I was born in the state of war
Born in the state of war