You're messin' around, messin' around with my mind
With the mind o' mine with the brain o' mine
Check it out, cure the system

I'm comin' back, back from where I've been
I'm still shocked by what I've heard and seen
I've got to check, check the system

I crossed the red, red dotted line
I broke trough
Cheated the mind o' mine
I went out just to check if someone's there
Checkin' out, I'm creepin' through blood and pain

I know there's good in everyone that I meet but why
They seem to be so overburdened with sellin' lies
Playing little games, diggin' little holes
Fightin' one another, never stops

I feel it comin', slammin' on the brain
Gotta break it, who the fuck's insane
I hide away, cure the brain, and again
Commin back, makin' the same mistake

Like that, just like that

Cure the brain, cure the system
Shock the brain, shock the mind