I won't be dead tomorrow
If we could only touch our minds today
If we could touch our "deepest me"
We won't be sittin' here anymore

We're tied between the earth and sky again
We watch the nations dyin' slowly every day
We're full of hate and disbelief
We're gonna tell you why

We had it all
But nowe we're lost, we're lost within, lost within
Now look the fuck what you've done to us
We kill each other, we rip our hearts out
We're aliens even to ourselves, we're aliens friends

I see a man on TV screen
He wants to feed me with his lies
I won't believe him, no I can't believe him
He digs my grave with his dirty hands

We had it all...

War, war is down in me
War is everywhere
You wanna talk to me, I don't want to talk to you
You want to see the fist
Watch it