[feat. Aleah Stanbridge]

My Child, I will bury you on the highest hill,
beside the tallest tree where winter will cover you 
and build the biggest castle.
There I will bury you, from the arms of your mother.

Soon the angels will carry you over the edge of the 
lead you through the deepest forest, 
away from sickness, into the light.
Sleep my child, lay down your head and leave this pain, 
I'll read your these last pages of the tale.

To endless morning I'm cursed from here on;
you will be taken, I was meant to stay...

The Emerald Forest was quiet 
and the deep green of the diamond leaves 
was glimmering in the sky high tree tops 
on the gentle wind, tall as the mountains in the east. 
Echoes of the steps of giants 
were fading like the beat of your weak heart. 
Shades of night welcome you with a twisted smile.
Slowly with every tiny breath.

Hold my hand tight, nothing will hurt you here.
You are almost home my little angel, I will lead you 

Night creatures, unicorns and white owls, 
treasures hidden in the emerald glow.
Green light on the white altar and the black throne, 
choirs of ancients blessing your passage to the world 

The path through the woods was getting narrow 
and the aisle of trees shaded the last light of the 
But the light from the candles on the bridge across the 
lit the way from emerald steps, marking our trail 

This is the frontier as far as I can pass, 
but the calling of the Blackbird will lead you on from 
Every tear will turn to an emerald in this forest, 
and this is where it ends, the cry turns to laughter, 
my son.

You will be taken, I was meant to stay, my loved one.