Try this brand
The flavor's grand
It's goblin finest malt
Score a hit
Or simply score
With finest goblin malt
Famed be
Praised be
Green malts from the Old World
Perfect both in
Shots or highballs -
Sign of perfect blend
Our brand new hooch
It's more than meets the eye
Our brand new hooch
It makes you feel alive
Never before
You have tasted
Pure liquid gold, gold, gold, gold
Green and tart
Smooth and rich
One and only whiskey
You’re a shine
You’re a catch
For most attractive doll, doll, doll, doll
Ears a-steaming
Eyes a-popping
Goblin's finest malt
Side effect
Off the track
Off you go for minor violence
Green waves
Wash away
Shame and afterthought
Choose your weapon
Choose your stage
It’s your benefit performance
Brawl, gunplay
Brawl again
Now you’re the trouble boy
Green malt!
Green malt!