Ladies and gents,
Fill your glasses
Our next performance
Is not meant for prudes
A singer, a dancer
She'll make you feel dizzy
An evergreen gal
From evergreen woods, woods
Fresh as a pile of,
Graceful as cripple,
Her teeth and voice
As sharp as a saw
Languishing eyes
Hazy with duckweed
Her frame's so curvy
As curvy are her bones
How come she's the only singer
Fave of the audience, fave of the bar?
How come every night they book her?
How come she's the only star?
One by one they disappeared
Pompous bitches, human whores
Arrogant broads now rest in a dumpster
Chopped into pieces by the goblin doll
One by one - and there were none
Rivals now be driven away with a gun
Don't you know that
She's the only one
Marilyn choked
On a cherry pit,
Shirley met
With a random van
Jessica ran
Headlong in a mirror
Betty took off from
A top window pan