Yeah what it is
I got one of them posters of an alien
Smoking a spliff and he says
"Take me to your dealer", wicked

Ooh motherfucker

Got no wobbly lines on the screen or nothing bro
You got anything coming through?
I got bubbles and lines on the screen
Proper science, here we go

My old man he said to me
"I saw a UFO in '73"
He came here from the Crucible
And left me stuttering this very word, it goes this

Ooh motherfucker

Tried life in outer space
Became too busy got no mum to face
He huddled briefly and buried his head
Then come back home to get back into bed

Ooh motherfucker
Ooh motherfucker

Oh my name's Dwain Xain, I'm in the GLC
I first said motherfucker back in 1983
Like the Alien trilogy with Sigourney Weaver
Or E.T. getting fucked up on Sensimilla
Or Mel Gibson, you've seen the signs
From the pyramids of Egypt to the Nazca Lines
Anal probe, I'm missing days
Got abducted by aliens when I was having a blaze

I'm Wayne Kramer from MC5
Weird looking fuckers with banners for eyes
They pin you down and stick their fingers in
Alien abduction, this is how it begins
They take samples of your eyes and your teeth
E.T. phone home with his fingers on your beef
Using mind tricks, they made me undress
This alien race is really getting me stressed

Oh motherfucker, alien abduction
I feel so alive, sobering up
Any signs that you need, nowhere in my screams
With blood, French kiss, was it real or a dream?
Meteorites and space debris
Roswell, the George Adamski's
Spaceships have loads of great skin
The middle finger that's taking it in

They came in their spaceship, gave me intimate massage
You smiled and walked with a discharge
That's the problem with a close encounter
You know you get a blowie but you don't get to mount her
Send me a truce throughout the nations
We can take it up your highways and TV stations
Alien conflict is how it was banned
Like someone's in space, saying "are you a man?"

Ooh motherfucker
Ooh motherfucker