i want to just see how cheap we can go flash in my eyes say i am to love you i can disappear right before demons dig me down magic black dreams i would never reach your signs lovers die they open up fire i assume it's something you need flash in my eyes whenever we go all since i decode you i'm feeling lower than low the fire i breathe in burns me from the inside out i will never return to the city of dead angels town now i'm lower than low....lower than low i saw the guns and knives open hearts and throats kindly bleeding you can never beat the worm inside on your own well get me out of the zone of needing more more forgiving i assumed it's something you need a flash in my eyes lower than low all since i decode you :.:. the moment saw the beast in your eyes damage is done how can you force me now such a sweet lonely whore you'll push me down then turn me on you can even live and die forever too wasted for you now how can you wish to be on my side all since i decode you :.:. now i'm lower than low.... lower than low