Just like the rest, you live by words that mean nothing, values no one needs. Just like the rest, forcing
Them on us, raping our thoughts. Try to find the answer on your knees, so stay on your fucking
Knees. Murder needs no justification. Last seconds of life so sweet in my eyes. Hearing words they
Think will save them. Cutting as they cry tears of corruption. The urge to face my captors is overwhelming, 
To be recognized as the artist that I am. Excitement of new torture, a different perspective
Of life, the body can endure so much pain. Tearing, ripping flesh from the bone, but death does not
Come yet, cauterizing aids in that. Perfection takes patience. You knew we'd find out, they always tell.
The urge to face my captors is overwhelming, to be recognized as the artist. Darkness rises to
Embrace me; I am a soulless monster with a lack of remorse. As you die I am reborn. So different now
- I am unstoppable. More than man, more than life, more than death. You kneel before me, this power
I possess. You're all nothing to me. After I'm done with you, death will follow. Curse this cold world, 
Cast into the fire. I want to watch us burn. Watch us die.