earn your life you should have tried in the ruin of my heart
 this time i prayed and nothing changed i waited for nothing
 this time just die NOW right now
 chosen one prayed for a scared that who sets the truth
 i am a wound i recreate the night of your life is sealing your fate
 every crisis faced right now
 torn away i don't know torn away
 i infected the truth i have crawled from the earth
 times up for payback and brutal shot is what will paralyze you now
 to the world of everything turn away from the execution
 move this shit
 all i know it never dies been detached from the strand and numb like a wound
 from what i know and where i have been
 go alone stay away from me go alone every crisis faced
 Silence the world a cover up for the witness
 testing me don't come around overbearing i can't wait
 for death now overjoyed everyday simplified now I'm back
 and you can come threw