We´re by birth sons of a doc
Who later feared what he had given live
We embraced, hugged and caressed us
Believe me we didn´t strife
Early on, we were the nightmare
Of the neighbourhood
In our school our teachers loved us
And they want our presence for good

We don´t like when fellow-beings
Scream into our ears
They don´t respect our sensitivity
They don´t respect our fears

We´r Franenstein´s brothers
We come to your town
Take care of your daughters
We turn your world upside down

Nowadays we´re older and wiser
And have learned that people are strange
We have found our place in society
Our lives are conformed and arranged
When we play night after nicht with our
Thanks to all that like these monsters
Created by an uncommon hand

We don´t like when...

We´re Frankenstein´s brothers...