[Verse 1]
We’re on the road again and there ain’t no time for sleep
Workin real hard cause it’s where we want to be
On nothing but toast and vegemite
The bottle’s getting empty it’ll start a fight -
If we don’t fall asleep in the van
We’ll be looking for some brown sugar
In the hot chocolate -
Spend five hours a day lugging gear
And for what?
So we can play an hour show then do it again –
[Pre Chorus]
And we’re travelling on this road to somewhere
Try to get this message home if your still there
And its cold
Tired eyes
Not a day goes by that im not stuck inside
But I know given choice
That there’s no freakin way that I’d trade my place 
Well we’re taking this road
And it’s the road that we’re taking
Wasting time while we’re sleeping
When we’re sleeping, time’s wasting
Well we’re doing what we love
And we love what we’re doing
Which makes the sound that we’re giving
And we’re giving the sound
[Verse 2]
Been sitting in the van for ten hours straight
We gotta keep it movin we don’t wanna be late -
We need a bus cause we got no grunt
Or a new van cause we smashed it up
Pull it over to get some gas
But we figured out that we got no cash -
Spend five hours a day lugging gear
And for what?
So we can play an hour show just to get our shot -
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