He's taking her away 
He's acting like a general 
Generally his game is so familiar 
He wants her to play 
With a toaster and a kettle 
While he spends his day 
Miles from the prisoner 
She reads the stars he reads the sun 
No wonder his IQ is below 21 

He's helping her to see 
How happy she is looking 
Take it that he'll be 
No icing on her cake 
O how happy she would be 
If someone did the cooking 
He's helping her to see 
How a marriage can be baked 

Baked like a cake but without the file 
The tool that she needs to make her life worthwhile 

She's not a prisoner alone doing time 
To love and to cherish for all of her life 
To have and to hold, to lock up inside 
What can this man know about her heart 
To love, Ã?Â?til death do us part 

He's looking everywhere 
She is nowhere to be found 
And suddenly he cares 
His dinner's looking burnt 
There's a smell in the air 
There's a prisoner in town, 
He sits down in his chair 
His face fills with concern 
Concerned that he might not eat tonight 
She's broken out of jail and run for her life