Slightly drunk once again 
All alone with my pen 
I thought I'd write to you 
How can I say how I feel ? 
Falling down on a deal 
This last night with you 
Is it the cold that makes me shake? 
I just hope that I'm awake 
I say alright I knew 
(I knew) 

I was wrong you were right 
(That's a line I cannot find) 
I could not say goodbye 
(to explain just why I lied) 
Why's it always feel the same? 
(slightly drunk what you said to me) 
I'm in love once again 
(can't fall in love without misery) 

I'm pretty sad but so what? 
I should be glad but I'm not 
I'm confused once more 
All tangled up in your love 
Without it now so that's tough 
My heart cries for 

A little talk to anger me 
Out on the road especially 
Back to you once more 
 (once more) 

Slightly drunk once again 
All alone without friends 
Had it all, I know I lied 
All my ends seem untied 
I cannot say how I feel