Yes I cried the moment that her hand slapped my face 
A mouth full of sandwich went all over the place 
She left like a tornado the door of course slammed 
I stood in the kitchen a very confused man 
The thump thump of her foot steps went right up the stairs 
The cat ran for cover to the living room chairs 
But what was the problem what on earth could be wrong 
To deserve a slapped face it all seemed far too strong 

Rose I said, heaven knows what we've done 
Rose I said, water flows under the bridge 
Rose I said, heaven knows is this love 
Rose I said, curtains close back to read the script 

Up to the bedside where she lay in tears 
The drawers were left half open, her clothes laying near 
A suitcase tipped sideways at the end of the room 
I swallowed my sandwich and picked up her boots 
She turned just like an actress, a glare came my way 
I said what's the matter, what have I done today 
She spat out the name of the girl across the road 
I'll never forget the way she flared her nose 

Rose was the girl who some days I'd drive to work 
She worked in the office as an articled clerk 
Sometimes we had lunch in the pub along the street 
There was nothing between us, just good company 
I admit that I liked her but that's all it was 
I stood at the bedside in a state of shock 
She heard it different from a friend she met today 
Who says she saw us kissing down an alleyway 
I felt like two people a Jekyll and a Hyde 
I'd really made my bed to lay in this time 
I picked with my tongue at the bread stuck in my teeth 
There through the window, her house on the street 
I knew I was guilty, I told myself to lie 
It seemed to make no differen