He stalks the club with cupid's toy 
Foremost in his mind 
Jacks his body into shape 
And leaves the rest behind 
He has a pea for a brain 
A spud for a heart 
A scar on his cheek 
And a rubber duck in his bath 
This boy doesn't give love 
This boy doesn't get love 

He stalks the club with eagle eyes 
Springing on his heels 
Likes to throw a hand of dice 
Then hang them in his wheels 
He has a crease in his jeans 
A frown on his face 
The scent of a man 
Who thinks he has taste 

She smiles as he buys her a drink 
Standing at the end of the bar 
He feels helpless when she looks in his eyes 
Suddenly there's love in his heart 

He stalks the club with such a smile 
Forever on the move 
He takes pride in looking smart 
And knowing when to groove 
He has a heart on a chain 
His picture inside 
A ring in one ear 
Dark glasses at night