I know that I'm bonkers 
Stupidity conquers 
Forgive me I know not what I do 
The cunning behavior 
Takes up every acre 
Of emotional cage in the zoo 
You know how it goes 
The volcano blows 
Eruptions hold the duvet down 
The words on the lips 
The sticking out ribs 
As I try to push my weight around 

I'm sorry please witness 
This act of forgiveness 
It's all I can do for her to see 
That I was the sad case 
A mouse in the rat race 
Won't somebody pass me the cheese 

The size of her breasts 
Like woodpeckers nests 
Would comfort me on winter nights 
The brains in my pants 
Create milli amps 
Of pleasure with seconds of delight 

I'm bonkers believe me 
A Federico Fellini 
I'm swinging on the windmills of my mind 
Where I have been ground down 
I'm still walking down town 
I'm leaving all this madness behind 

Laid back on the couch 
With me the old slouch 
For an Oscar on the silent screen 
There's no time to waste 
As I fill my fat face 
With a pizza slice and custard cream 

I'm sorry I hurt you 
I'm bonkers believe me