She moved from Clapham 
And didn't look back 
Her life was changed in an instant 
The van was filled up 
And tied to the rack 
Her home that now seemed so distant 
Kissing goodbye 
To her friends on the stairs 
She felt a loss deep within her 
Sat in the front seat with stuff everywhere 
The neighbours said they would ring her 
They moved to the sea front 
And loved their new view 
Of tides coming in on the shingle 
She and her daughter 
Found new things to do 
At last it was good to be single 
And in the summer 
The place came alive 
Lights on the pier in the evening 
The fresh sea air 
And could cut with a knife 
Such a wonderful feeling 

She worked in a pub 
Where bands would appear 
On a tiny stage in the corner 
She watched them load in 
With tattered old gear 
The place would get like a sauna 
London had gone now 
Her new life was strong 
She found herself a new karma 
She fell for a man 
Who played with a band 
And took her life from it's drama 

She moved from Clapham 
And didn't look back 
The past was neatly extinguished 
He was much younger 
But she lived with that 
He struggled hard with his english 
She felt his loving 
And proudly reclaimed 
All of the warmth she'd been lacking 
They lay in bed 
Looking out at the rain 
No more moving or packing 

She moved from Clapham 
And didn't look back 
Her life had changed in an instant